Bombshell testimony from doctors at FDA Vaccine hearing…

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The best moments from today’s 8 hour FDA Vaccine hearing.

The first is Dr. Steve Kirsch.

The nursing home death data is stunning in the second video. Half the Vaccinated died, and none of the Unvaccinated died. Watch both clips. His testimony is aggressive and forceful.


Dr. Joseph Fraiman, ER physician from New Orleans.

‘This disease kills the obese and diabetics. The Unvaccinated are better informed.’

‘The Vaccines are driving the Variants’…

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10 thoughts on “Bombshell testimony from doctors at FDA Vaccine hearing…”

  1. Two days before my wife was covid positive (what exactly does that even mean?) she found out she was pre-diabetic. Her lungs took such a beating she spent 6 days in the hospital.


  2. Love your site. However I showed it to a friend who said ‘fake news’ how can we show them the video clips are for real?

    Thanks Trisha


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    1. Hi Trisha & thanks 🙂 Unfortunately if your friend won’t actually watch the videos there’s little you can do really. The old saying about leading horses to water fits. Anybody who listens to say Dr Peter McCullough the Cardiologist for instance can’t surely say, ‘fake news’. Or any of the other many Doctors & scientists. I’m afraid many folk don’t want to look at the evidence, it challenges their reality. You sometimes just have to leave them in their ignorance. They can’t say they weren’t warned. Stay awake anyway 🙂 There’s many of us.

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      1. I agree Pam. There is none so deaf as those who do not wish hear. I have given up “preaching”. Now I acknowledge that many can not be saved from their own willful ignorance.
        Those who want to listen will do so. There are indeed many of us!

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  3. If the person refused to look at the direct FDA provided video here on the FDA’s own youtube channel, do not kn ow what to say other than “strong delusion” appears to be more and more in effect:

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