NZ’s lamestream media has doubled down on the censured MD who takes his Hippocratic Oath seriously

Please note the NZ media is the mouthpiece of our government.

All kudos to this medical doctor who has dared to speak up and warn about the same issue thousands of other MDs and scientists world wide have. (He has apparently been stood down and is under investigation). The glaring issue that the NZ government is trying not so subtly now to force upon everybody, ie the mRNA experimental injection, is actually not proven ‘safe and effective’ at all. Fear is being hyped to the max and folk are queuing in droves unaware of the real risks via full disclosure of possible side effects. From the outset of this jab, any publication of even the US FDA official statement of those side effects, were censored off social media, dismissed by fact checkers as misinformation!

For those who doubt Dr Shelton’s integrity listen to him speak here:

He says: “We feel we have no option but to speak out” “It’s simply not true that our best or only hope out of the pandemic is to 100% vaccinate the world’s population.” “We who are trying to raise these issues and ask very reasonable questions, have been stonewalled & threatened for speaking out.” “Our ethical obligation is to do no harm and tell the truth about this radically new, minimally tested new novel technology for vaccines that bear no resemblance at all to the traditional tried & tested technologies that have been used to produce vaccines.” Source: NZDSOS – 14th June 2021

You can also hear the very many other Doctors including NZ Doctors here at this link. In particular listen to Dr Hodkinson spell out very plainly what you the public are NOT being told. Also Dr Peter McCullough, also at the link.

Here is the link to the lamestream article that paints Dr Shelton as an anti-vaxxer. What nasty connotations that word now has, even worse than before. I see it already stirring up hatred between citizens. Some of us however don’t buy that narrative.

Dr Shelton is part of the NZDSOS group (New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out with Science) … note how mainstream omits in their article the ‘S’ for Science? Someone has also set up a copy cat website to try and debunk them. Desperate measures to suppress truth?

These Doctors have been blowing the whistle on the deaths occurring that we are not being told about. Read this article for that info and links to their article.

7 thoughts on “NZ’s lamestream media has doubled down on the censured MD who takes his Hippocratic Oath seriously”

  1. First, there is no pandemic of concern! Changing the definition back in 2009 from number of deads to number of infected, that easily could turn any kind of desease into a pandemic, doesn’t make sense – at all, as it is flexible as a rubberband … A pig with lipstick, is still a pig.

    Secondly and by definition, there are no actual vaccines against the SARS-Cov-2 virus. An actual and proven virus is required and there is no such thing [yet]! Again, a pig …

    Thirdly, it has become a common procedure to ‘flush out’ real science ‘with the bathwater’ and replace it with political fairy tales. It started big scale back in the 70’s with ‘climate science’ (due to the lunatic ideas produced by the Club of Rome – one of the riff raff packs of globalists, similar to Bilderberg Group and WEF.) …

    One part of the solution, is to stop those controlling Big Pharma and MSM – foremost the Rockefeller family.

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