NZ shamelessly bribes the hungry with grocery raffles to get them jabbed

NZ wide it appears, and in the case of these leaflets, in Northland, the people who promised there would be no mandatory vaccination (that is your Ardern Labour Government) are applying shameless pressure upon those who are struggling to provide food for their families. Those most affected currently by lockdowns, financial hardship, loss of employment and their businesses going bust. These ones are being targeted and coerced with prize draws for groceries and an ipad. This is getting as good as a passport in my opinion.

If this experimental jab is so effective why does it require bribery to get folk to take it? In truth people are observing the shocking fall out as loved ones and neighbors either die or succumb to disabilities from injuries. NZ’s death toll following the jab is now at 113 (citizen’s register, see here also). See the pamphlets below here that are being dropped in mailboxes and posted in workplaces and supermarkets.

I personally have been told by several NZ folk that the vaccine has been offered more than once in their workplaces. One workplace is even offering to set up the appointment for the jab. One woman said she resigned when given the ultimatum. Others have signaled they will if it is mandatory and others have caved, submitted and taken the jab.

It goes without saying that the current lockdown, driven mercilessly by media as due to a more ‘deadly’ strain (that is not) is achieving the desired results. Still we are not being provided with a balanced view of risks versus benefits for true informed consent.

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  1. As far as I know, at least all Western countries (and probably more) have signed a number of conventions etc., which they are obliged to follow. Related are the Geneva Conv., the Helsinki Conv. and the Nürnberg Conv.. The latter is the base for all the others, inclusing a number of laws – national, regional as well as international. Why? Because what was revealed at the Nürnberg trial regarding medical issues. Why don’t people in common know more about this?

    All this forbids mandatory/forced use of [legal] and experimental drugs. Obviously it also includes indirect forcing, by threat using “if you don’t XXX, you will not be able to YYY …“. Logically, bribes are just one way to enforce something.

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      1. I reacted on the last sentence in the first paragraph –

        A question was raised about the CDC and its possible connection to OSS/CIA’s importing Nazi scientists and doctors under Operation Paperclip.

        – OSS did not exist before December 1991 and Operation Paperclip was approved late 1946, so it has to be USSR. O. Paperclip was basically an extension of Operation Overcast, that started July 20th, 1945.

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