Why Are We Being Deceived About Covid? by Paul Craig Roberts


The question that runs through many skeptical minds is: why are they pushing everyone so hard to get the Covid vaccination? Suspicion of a nefarious hidden agenda is not unwarranted. From Paul Craig Roberts at paulcraigroberts.com:

Why have US corporations involved themselves in public health policy?  Why have they taken a position that is totally contradicted by all facts and all known evidence?


It is not only democratic governments that have turned totalitarian but also private corporations who are asserting authority to override the Nuremberg Laws and mandate that employees be vaccinated with the Covid Vaccine.  A vaccination is a medical procedure and requires informed consent.

It is very strange to find corporations recruited to serve a coerced marketing campaign.  We hear about the “pandemic of the unvaccinated.”  But there is no such pandemic.  All evidence shows that the majority of new cases are…

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5 thoughts on “Why Are We Being Deceived About Covid? by Paul Craig Roberts”

  1. “Public officials and the presstitutes are implying that it is those who refuse the vaccine who are responsible for the new outbreak when to the contrary it is the vaccinated people who are the cause of the variants and new illnesses.”

    ***that pretty much what I’ve been saying for about 6 months.
    What if – this vaccine causes more harm then good? After all that is what the harmaceutical companies are for.


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