Beware a fraudulent ‘copy cat’ website opposing the NZ Doctors Speaking Out With Science (NZDSOS) website (links included)

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This is just a “heads up”…

Many of you are looking for and sharing the website for the NZ Doctors Speaking Out With Science (NZDSOS).
Tonight someone has sent me a fraudulent website set up to clearly confuse people and sabotage the work of this organisation of brave Doctors willing to stand up and demand Informed Consent for New Zealanders.
Please be very careful to use the CORRECT web address for NZDSOS, instead of this troublesome one.

The CORRECT address is:


6 thoughts on “Beware a fraudulent ‘copy cat’ website opposing the NZ Doctors Speaking Out With Science (NZDSOS) website (links included)”

  1. Yeah, the ‘articles’ on the start page, reveals that something isn’t right …

    The domain name – – tells me:

    1. ‘.co.’ – Logically, a company is behind the domain, as ‘co’ should be reserved for commersal activities, not private or organizationally (not like *.com which anyone can use) …

    2. It’s registered July 23rd, 2021.

    3. Registrant is Matthew [Christopher] Brauchli, New Zeeland (Can only find one person with that name in NZ and he is located in Tauranga, Bay of Plenty. A Web/graphic designer and ‘freelance’ animal illustrator/3D animator, depending on source.)

    4. The registrar is Key-Systems GmbH, St. Ingbert/Germany.

    5. The server is located in Provo, Utah/USA, hosted by Unified Layer ( – not found in yp/Yellow Pages, but closely related Blue Host is), part of EIG (Economic Innovation Group).

    6. At the [fake] site, there’s a link to a [fake] Fb account – might be difficult to get rid of, due to Fb “policies” …

    All together, it’s a soup … There are smarter and simplier way to set up a web site, but this isn’t legit.

    Note! NZ Doctors Speaking Out With Science should be able to clame the ownership of the [fake] domain name (at the domain name commission in NZ –

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  2. We mentioned this in the meeting report of Voices for Freedom held on 31 July in Waikanae. It’s almost certainly misinformation work organised by the Jacinda government. We now get regular pro-cv “vax”, pro-government comments on posts challenging the official narrative on the China virus and the “vaccines” (some also on other government attitudes, but mostly on Cv). We always trace the geolocations and other details for these from the IP addresses and they include several in other countries like Luxembourg, Germany, USA, India and one this morning from the Seychelles. It’s a cert that you are one of the people the Jacinda government-organised Facebook patrollers (2 teams) have on their watch list — which includes a number of people who have strong antipathy towards the Jacinda government. Big Sister is watching you, and us.

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