Australia Calls in Military to Enforce Lockdown

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Sydney under de facto medical martial law.

Paul Joseph Watson Published 2 days ago on 29 July, 2021

Authorities in Australia have called in the military to occupy parts of Sydney and enforce the country’s latest draconian COVID-19 lockdown.

Hundreds of military personnel will be drafted in to patrol the country’s largest city despite coronavirus cases remaining in the low hundreds per day, far lower than other developed nations like the UK that have lifted some of the restrictions.

It remains to be seen whether the troops will be used to police protesters, hundreds of thousands of whom hit the streets of major cities last weekend to demonstrate against the measures.

People in New South Wales are basically under the most draconian form of lockdown where they are only allowed to leave home for work, exercise and food and are not permitted to venture more than 3 miles from where they live…

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