The actual contents inside Pfizer vials exposed!

Rumble — “Scientists have examined the Pfizer ‘vaccine’, and what they found was HORRIFIC…It’s Poison!” |


Below is an additional article on topic by Mark Crispin Miller:

Those “vaccines” are 99% GRAPHENE OXIDE

“The toxicity of graphene oxide is reason enough to stop the global vaccination program.”

Amen to that; and, as we push for an immediate end to those injections, because of their high graphene oxide content, we also need to spread the word that those paper masks are also treated with graphene—a fact that made some few headlines in April, when Health Canada banned the wearing of such masks in schools and daycare facilities throughout Quebec. Here are two detailed pieces on the dangers of graphene inhalation:

(And here, just for giggles, is USA Today’s niggling “fact-check” from last fall, which only reconfirms the danger it was meant to wave away:

Image: Kane lab/Brown University

So there’s graphene in those “vaccines” that many millions have been led to think will save them from COVID-19, and there’s also graphene on the masks that many millions have been wearing for months and months, thinking that such self-suffocation will protect them from COVID-19; and there’s also graphene on the PCR swabs that have been shoved up many millions of tense noses, ostensibly to test for COVID-19. Check out this (fittingly) breathless item from

Thus COVID-19 World is all about graphene—a toxin that itself causes the symptoms of both COVID-19 and the “vaccination” injuries that “our free press” is laboring to conceal.

I suggest that we think long (but not too long) and hard about all this—and that we do so while each sipping pine needle tea, which, as Celia Farber reminds us here, is a widely available antidote to what They’re (literally) banking on injecting into every single one of us.

5 thoughts on “The actual contents inside Pfizer vials exposed!”

  1. The claim is that the vaccine is “99% Graphene Oxide”. That’s a claim of total absurdity. The vaccine would be a coal-black slurry. Even diluted it would be a distinct yellow colour.
    The heading says “proof” yet when questioned, the lady backpedals on the proof claim and talks about “limitations”.
    This story originated with a Henry Makow article based on info allegedly coming from a Chilean research lab, and it’s pure nonsense.
    I had a commenter at Uncensored challenge me on the debunk, and I always appreciate challenges, but on this one I stand by stance based on evidence easily obtained. Graphene, Graphene Oxide, and Reduced Graphene Oxide are all used in the pharma industry, are all black, and the former two are toxic if over 10mg is ingested, the latter is less toxic.
    The same source also claims there is no mRNA or Spike protein in the vaccine, and if that were true Pfizer would be out of business and deluged with lawsuits and fraud cases (misrepresentation of product contents).


    1. Hmm. If what you say’s correct Martin then what’s up with it? It’s all getting very murky. Re Pfizer … like most corps they tend to get slaps on the wrist for their misdemeanours.


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