NZ PM Adern’s corporation clamps down on hate speech: ‘Govt plans new law, tougher penalties’

NZ’s Socialist PM Comrade Adern is toughening up on hate speech. Hand in glove with the latest fb clampdown (fb even censors Bible verses, seriously, my test try of the Lord’s Prayer got labeled fake news ages ago… what next is in store you wonder?) This article is from lamestream RNZ. If we had an honest, trustworthy government that wasn’t really a corporation this idea would be a good one. Unfortunately none of them can be trusted, neither blue nor green nor red. Very shortly I won’t even be allowed to say that. They have us fully in step with the Agenda 2030 globalist, one world government plan. The plan that most Kiwis still think is a conspiracy. EWR

Hate speech will become a criminal offence and anyone convicted could face harsher punishment, under proposed legislative changes.”


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5 thoughts on “NZ PM Adern’s corporation clamps down on hate speech: ‘Govt plans new law, tougher penalties’”

  1. Hate speech is only speech certain special interest groups hate. Unless someone is advocating harm or murder, there is no such thing as hate speech.

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    1. Just their excuse to round up anybody speaking the truth about what is going down here. Police will have powers to enter, search, detain etc without warrant.


  2. He did know what he was warning us about. When he went to Spain during the Spanish Civil War he was a Marxist. But, after only a few months he was cured of this ideological childishness as he put it, just by watching their cruelty and insanity.

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