And on the NZ CV VX front?

I am seeing many reports on social media by folk whose loved ones, friends or work mates/colleagues have fallen ill or died following the CV jab. Inform yourselves folk. There is plenty of evidence now that all is not well for many who trusted the mainstream narrative and were either not offered full info about side effects, or did not ask for them. Below are some examples of the feedback: (EWR)

An excerpt from updates at the Health Forum NZ fb page:

*The three New Zealanders I learned of this week, who are now paralysed in hospital as a result of their “safe and effective” trust. One of them a caregiver for his gravely ill wife, and now he too fights to ever walk again.

*The young dentist who was due to marry next weekend….but instead is being buried this weekend, just a couple of weeks after his CV V.

*The multiple reports of elderly in rest homes, who have passed suddenly with blood clots and strokes in this past week, one to two weeks after their CV V.

*The two nurses I have spoken with in depth this week….both of them deeply disturbed by the flood of V injuries that they are nursing in the hospitals.”

Screenshots below of just a few of NZ adverse event discussions (there are many more):

Further there is now word of multiple deaths in one area in NZ of elderly people in care homes a few days post jab. If you know of this happening in your area please do let us know to add to the info. (Complete anonymity assured). I am saddened for the elderly who one hundred percent trust all directions from white coats. They are a generation now who question nothing from authorities or perceived authorities. We are paying customers and not obliged to ‘obey’. We are entitled to weigh up the evidence & make a fully informed decision for ourselves & our bodies. Unfortunately many elderly do not have that capacity, are not internet savvy, and/or are not thinking independently. Understandably they trust whatever is told them. It used to be safe to do that. I hear them tell me of how they have been called up by their medical practices, telling them they haven’t had their flu shot. Now this should be asking them would they like one, and being given full info on possible side effects & on the trials that apparently deemed them safe.

Be aware that 32 NZ health professionals have been silenced from speaking out their concerns to you their patients, on what they perceive as the dangers of the experimental CV VX. To the degree that they jeopardize their jobs. They are taking their Hippocratic Oath seriously.

On a final note, have you ever heard of thousands upon thousands of deaths following any medical intervention being blanket classed as coincidence? This is a classic case of the King’s new clothes.


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