13 NZ doctors are under investigation for allegedly spreading CV ‘misinfo’ (NZ, where govt is the only source of truth)

NZ wide, citizens are questioning this official narrative which does not allow for any professional opinion other than what the PM says. This flies completely in the face of sanity and logic. However, NZ Medical professionals, as previously reported here, have received documentation that makes it very clear they are not to depart from the official narrative that the CV VX is ‘safe and effective’. These professionals wish to inform their patients of the very real risks and are not allowed.

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“The Medical Council is investigating 13 doctors who may have given misinformation about Covid-19, with prominent experts warning those spreading misinformation should be prepared to lose their jobs…

The complaints follow an open letter by a group of doctors, health professionals and scientists who oppose the Covid-19 Pfizer vaccine. Among the signatories are 33 medical doctors, 100 nurses and 187 members of allied health professions.”



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  1. Interesting indeed, If I did read the paper correctly that was presented by the Doctors in question, I can only conclude that they raised concerns about the Covid Vaccine that is currently deployed. As I read, they are not anti vaccination by any stretch of the imagination. They are questioning the safety and the validity of the Covid vaccine and rightfully so. It seems to me that the political agenda is very different from the medical agenda, but of course that is not allowed in a totalitarian controlled state. The USSR al over in little insignificant New Zealand. Please PEOPLE WAKE UP!!!!

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  2. These doctors are the Children of God and they are leading the campaign against the offspring of Satan. Keep the faith doctors and look behind you…you are leading an army.

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