PFIZER’S OWN DOCUMENTS STATE: Unvaccinated people can be exposed to experimental mRNA from vaccinated people causing frightening adverse reactions

EWR Note: in the video with Dr Tenpenny, she points out that the Spike Protein is transferring from one person to another & that technically it is not shedding. She explains.


“…unvaccinated women have experienced reproductive issues, including miscarriages, simply by standing near someone who has been injected with experimental mRNA and viral vectors. Mainstream media called the claim “biologically impossible.” But Pfizer’s own literature says otherwise.”

NEW YORK — Those who cannot handle the sight of gruesome human ailments, especially women, stop reading now. What you are about to see and learn is scary and may change the way you live your daily lives.

The Centner Academy is a private K-8 school located in Miami, Florida. It made headlines last week when it announced in an email its new policy that vaccinated teachers will not be employed by the school. Current teachers who already received experimental mRNA and viral vector shots before the announcement are allowed to keep their jobs. But they must keep their (social) distance from students.



COVID-19 “Vaccine” Bioweapons Update on Spike Proteins being Transmitted from Vaxxed to Unvaxxed People


Hear Dr Sherri Tenpenny speaking and warning on topic; she cites the cases she has seen of very young children including a toddler bleeding vaginally from contact at her pre school. Also men with testicular swelling & unable to maintain an erection:

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It’s not long but extremely important, and of course as we all know many MANY V specialists and doctors around the world are screaming about this.
The numbers quoted by specialist Dr Tenpenny are only the ones in reported in the US of course, so we know in our own countries this is happening en masse too, regardless of “which jab” people keep thinking matters..
Make sure to screenrecord it and KEEP REPOSTING IT EVERYWHERE. SEND IT TO YOUR PARENTS, your DOCTORS, your parliamentary ministers and schools and clinics, your LOVED ONES.. SIT DOWN AND MAKE EVERYONE YOU KNOW LISTEN!! Stop waiting for gov/ pharma sponsored studies and announcements from BS mainstream propaganda channels when actual SPECIALISTS IN THIS SPECIFIC FIELD and so many other doctors, nurses and well-researched and well-informed citizens have been screaming about this and getting cεnsored for so many months. PLEASE.
Let’s awaken and save who we can before it’s absolutely too late”.
Christina Jonas

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