The NZ Government promised to be open and transparent, but it is an artfully-crafted mirage

Opinion piece from stuff, I’m curious given the govt clearly controls the media. So someone is speaking out finally? Wait and see what transpires. It speaks to the tightening control on what journos write & am reminded of the US woman recently blowing the whistle on Fox News to Project Veritas …

Stuff excerpts:

“In my 20-year plus time as a journalist, this Government is one of the most thin-skinned and secretive I have experienced. Many of my colleagues say the same.

Even squeezing basic facts out of an agency is a frustrating, torturous and often futile exercise.

It’s now very difficult for journalists to get to the heart and the truth of a story. We are up against an army of well-paid spin doctors.

Here is the full article:

OPINION: From the moment she took office in 2017, Jacinda Ardern promised her government would be the most open and transparent New Zealand has seen.

In her first formal speech to Parliament she pledged: “This government will foster a more open and democratic society. It will strengthen transparency around official information.”

Since then the number of faceless communications specialists has skyrocketed. The Government’s iron grip on the control of information has tightened.

And it is now harder than ever to get information.


3 thoughts on “The NZ Government promised to be open and transparent, but it is an artfully-crafted mirage”

  1. The below is copied from: “Wake Up New-Zealand”:
    A Masterclass In Propaganda & Transgressing The Logic Of The New Tyrannical Normal

    If they really understood the truth – the serious threat to democracy that the PM’s separatist agenda represents and the deeply divided society it would create – their opposition and sense of betrayal would intensify.

    On this issue, we the majority have the mandate – Jacinda Ardern does not.
    I can most likely write a book about this. I want! It will most likely get me in court or in Jail. So I will refrain from commenting.

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  2. This article is more what I’m accustomed to seeing from TheBFD and very uncharacteristic of Stuff. However, recent survey stats have shown that people are getting sick of the one-sided propaganda from the likes of Stuff, Herald, Newsroom etc. So I suspect Stuff has thrown this piece out there to:
    -appear more balanced.
    -test the waters for views and reactions.

    Speaking of “harder to get information”, I posted Winston’s speech this morning on Uncensored, after a relative asked where they could find it following an unsuccessful Google search. When I hit ‘publish’, I got a warning about an issue with seo visibility/publishing. Sure enough, although the article is on site, it didn’t appear on a Google search!
    And that’s totalitarian censorship for you!

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