Over 25,000 excess deaths are mostly due to those “vaccines”

The Kirsch Report: “We’re Going To Show You Proof That There Are Over 25,000 Excess Deaths And Most All Of Those Are Due To The Vaccine”

Celia Farber

Link To Presentation Here

This presentation, linked above, and the video posted below, Bret Weinstein’s Dark Horse Podcast, are essential listening. We must face what is happening head-on, and not concern ourselves with losing friends, alienating family, losing careers, being canceled, de-platformed or anything else.

We are in an absolutely shocking chapter of American history, and I agree with Steve Kirsch, that Anthony Fauci is complicit in mass murder. So is everybody who makes excuses for him, or defends him. This is no longer speculative. The injections are outright killing people of all ages, and the media steadfastly refuses to report on any of these deaths. Instead they bully and malign those who decry them, as “anti-vaxxers.”

How about “anti-deathers?’“


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