NZ Doctors are speaking out with science: The right to decline a medical intervention is paramount in the Nuremberg Code

“Standing up for our rights, those of our families, our patients and the general public”.


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  1. I thought I would pass this article along to you. I don’t remember if you’ve seen it before. I wrote it in 2018.

    R.I.P Freedom… Protest for Freedom

    Today, I saw a despondent video by a woman wondering how the hell we all got here.

    I abandoned your approach to trying to wake people up when I realized it wasn’t going to work. I saw one notation by a woman who said we aren’t going to be able to wake anyone else up—there’s no time left.


    This woman is right—that’s it—we’re done.

    The alphabets [Ph. D.s, MDs, and such] have been leading us down the dark path, and people are so hungry for heroes, we’ve been following them right down to the kill-chute.

    And I did finish a rework of Dodd-Frank. It’s part of that whole global control thing—like the virus. They’ve taken down our health and now they will finish us off financially in the system they’ve entrapped us into relying on:

    “How USA’s Dodd-Frank was changed to steal your money” and the Move to do so is Global.

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    1. “They’ve taken down our health and now they will finish us off financially in the system they’ve entrapped us into relying on” absolutely they have. They are reaping now the cooperation of a compliant herd. I suppose, yes to me it’s just like yelling, your house is on fire get out. I”ve saved your links, will watch/listen in a little bit when I’m done what I’m doing. ❤


      1. speakede English? What? If you are asking what I think your asking, I’d have to sift through years of saves.

        But this is one reason I share my family’s story. If all the vaccine-injured would come forward and speak out, you’d be amazed at the carnage that has ensued after the shots.

        Controlled opposition groups keep the vaccine-injured who follow them under tight-tight control. I’ve seen it. It’s amazing—mind-boggling. People are just so desperate for help and do not realize that all they’ve done is switch ‘herds.’

        I could tell you story after story about what I’ve seen.

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        1. Just, do you have info where anybody has looked for the cause of a reaction (death or injury) being the V, and found it? Said … ‘the V caused this’.
          (I expect the answer will be no).


        2. I can’t even get the compliment of tests I need past the ‘accidental’ one showing I have auto-antibodies to my DNA. That and the type of lesion on my cervical spinal cord—and a few other things.

          But I know a hell of a lot more about the human body than most, and if I can pick out the tests, ask for them, and be denied—yea—the answer is “no.”

          The MD who denied those tests had spent about an hour in the same room with me and a pharmacy tech [I guess the expectation was that I would immediately partake of their drugs] while I orated my family’s story.

          So believe me—she knew/knows how smart I am—I saw jaws hanging as I told of my baby boys. Yet, she still denied me the tests.

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        3. Figures as per the Utah conclusion. It is like here in NZ the now retired Doctor who said they will never find 1080 poisoning because they’re not allowed to look for it. Corruption everywhere. In court they side with the poisoners… blatantly.

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        4. To me, this proves the genetic modification is intended to kill. But the paper leaves open the possibility of infection subsequent to the shot. I say the infection was the shot. You probably won’t get anyone to admit it.

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        5. Not to mention I really do suspect that guy in Aristotle U to have been involved in creating the shot. He tried to “nudge” me into getting the Moderna shot at which point I said “Goodbye, Christos” and cut off all contact.

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        6. yea-yea–I watched it, found it, and downloaded it. It’s not saying much I didn’t already know. So they added something I knew they had to add [though I didn’t know what] to force infection throughout the body.

          In a sense, they do it with all the shots they’ve created from the beginning for the shot program. It’s just a hell of a lot more blatant with this one.

          After how hard I’ve worked to try to get these points across, for the last few years, I’ve been thinking people deserve what they are now getting.

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  2. I think a possible answer to confusing behavior we are seeing today could be relative to the quantum concept of entanglement. You thought I went deep before–this is much deeper.

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