“The lies have been so vast I have resigned”: Another MD taking the Hippocratic Oath seriously (UK)

UK Dr, Samuel White has resigned, sick of the lies & cover up. The cures suppressed, the unnecessary deaths. The real risks of the jab and what it really is. A short 7 min or less watch. Vital, crucial info for you. This is a medical doctor who like many others now is taking his pledge of ‘do no harm’ with great seriousness. Please listen. There are three links. The Instagram is the longest, fb and twitter are condensed. Links below:





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  1. These are people I believe don’t know about how toxic all the shots are. They have been led to believe they are providing life-saving measures. But he has had 17 years in the field, and he must have heard stories. I just wonder if maybe this one was too much for him.

    When my oldest was in hospital for six months, one of the M.D. co-directors of the unit quit medicine. This unit:

    42 U.S. Code § 5106a: A Worthy Revisit

    I thought Larry was a great M.D., but now I believe he quit because he knew what was wrong with our children and wasn’t allowed to tell us.

    I remember asking him how he could give up medicine. I know why now and am not sure I will ever forgive him for not telling us what he knew. They were stripping children out of homes ‘left and right.’ It was horrible.

    I tried to grab the Instagram video but couldn’t. I have the more condensed ones. Hopefully, he will upload the more detailed one somewhere else.


    1. Oh gosh.. 😦 I expect many will sit on the info for a time figuring what to do. Quite a big revelation isn’t it? Might have told you we had a GP when mine were little (my kids) who didn’t vx. Didn’t know that til years later mind you. After mine were j*bbed. Fortunately not a lot of j*bs then. 1 or 2 that I recall. In that video, the Doc says they were taught very very little about the j*bs. I had heard that. Just the schedules but nothing much about contents or how they work or are supposed to work. I see the history of them was opposed continually & fruitlessly by Doctors over the decades they rolled out.

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