Door-To-Door Vax Squads And Covid Camps In Our Futures Are The Latest Signs Of The Globalists Push To ‘Reset Humanity’

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– Did Deagel’s 2025 Forecast For America Cut Too Close To The Truth For The Globalists?  

By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or DieMay 25, 2021 

Over many years now of browsing through the internet, traveling all across the world and science and politics‘virtually’, one of the most interesting, but concerning, websites we’ve come across is the

While still mostly unknown to those who still get their news from the mainstream media, as we’dreported on ANP back on April 29th, Deagel and theirvery strange and concerning 2025 forecast for a greatly‘depopulated’Americahad beenwiped off the internet for several days, though they are back up now, though with all mention of a‘depopulated America’by the year 2025 completely removed.

A website like Jane’saccording to Doug Casey in this International Man story

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5 thoughts on “Door-To-Door Vax Squads And Covid Camps In Our Futures Are The Latest Signs Of The Globalists Push To ‘Reset Humanity’”

  1. I knew about Deagel. I deliberately did mention it because I mention enough already. People are hard-pressed to read what I write in the first place.

    And I’ve gained way too much attention as it is.

    I copied all the pages and put them away to shiver over later. I shivered enough just looking at them then.

    These are not the latest signs. These have been in the works for a few years and I have written articles about these upcoming events. Again and again and again…

    They started hiring for the concentration camps last November 5th.

    Quarantine Programs in The USA—Here comes your nineteenth Nervous Breakdown…

    The alarm has been going out about armed intrusions by the military for a while.
    I’ve written about that in articles, too.

    I refuse interviews because I know I’m essentially on my own. If the shit hits my fan, no one is going to save me. It’s human nature—at least the kind of human nature we have today. We are divided and what divides us will kill many of us.

    If we could just ask the big guy upstairs to put a big black cross on the foreheads of those causing this derision. I do know who some of you are.

    So while we’re all busy

    Climbing over the Bodies to Get to the Top—Redux

    we can wait for the military to slam down our doors.

    By the way—and this is a biggie. All of our governments have been working together towards this genocide for a long, long time. I do mean all.

    There are many complex components as to what has been done to prepare for these days—I cover them in short articles in hopes that people have enough brains left to understand and connect the dots.


    1. Thanks Joyce. I know you are aware way back beyond most. I certainly was aware of the coming martial law as this is what our Barry Smith told us. Lockdowns in fema type camps. Many of us even here in nz have been watching this that you describe. And yes, all govts as it is a globalist plan from hundreds of yrs back.

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  2. I just wonder…

    After their deviant fantasies of genocide are fulfilled, how long is it going to take before they start killing each other off? I believe we may be looking at the precursor of the extinction of the human species in its entirety.

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