Criminal FDA Authorizes Emergency Use for Pfizer’s mRNA Injections on 12-15 Year-olds – Up to State Governors to Save the Nation’s Children

by Brian Shilhavy
Editor, Health Impact News

As expected, the FDA granted emergency use authorization to Pfizer’s experimental COVID mRNA shots to be injected into children between the ages of 12 and 15 today.

The FDA is a criminal organization comprised of medical professionals with ties to Big Pharma who are serving the pharmaceutical industry, and not the public.

None of the COVID-19 injections given emergency use authorization were done so legally. Many scientists and doctors have protested, and even filed official complaints against the FDA, because there are already effective treatments for COVID-19, making an emergency use authorization unnecessary.

In addition, the current injections for COVID-19 do not meet the legal definition of a “vaccine,” but are an entirely new class of injections that inject an operating system into your body and works directly with your DNA. See:

Moderna’s Top Scientist on mRNA Technology in COVID Shots: “We are Actually Hacking the Software of Life”

Many young people aged 16 to their early 20s have already died and been seriously injured following the Pfizer injections, and we have covered their stories here on Health Impact News.



5 thoughts on “Criminal FDA Authorizes Emergency Use for Pfizer’s mRNA Injections on 12-15 Year-olds – Up to State Governors to Save the Nation’s Children”

  1. This is just so disgusting… And remember it’s governments that are supporting the destruction of our children. It’s Murder and Mayhem time and they are having so much fun…

    But we’ve been letting them get away with this for decades, so why not ramp up the fun?

    I just finished revamping an article—adding documentation and a wonderful visual of the emotional isolation vaccine-injured children suffer. Well—maybe not so wonderful, but I hope it finally gets the point across.

    It deals with an educational institution for violent children I was finally able to arrange attendance to for my oldest son. He was 14-years-old-when he started going there.

    I am confronting them as to what they knew about vaccine-injury at the time he attended their school. I send them links to articles I have written about them and have never received any answer back. It was known—at that time—vaccine injury was occurring and there were even shows on television I missed. [Believe me when I say there is little time for TV when you have vaccine-injured children.] I have inserted one into the article.

    Farr Academy By the Numbers [Updated]

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    1. Yes they must’ve known Joyce. Years ago, so all of 40 yrs I’d say, our local Doc at the time (I learned later) never vxed his own kids. How many more knew u wonder.

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      1. My babies were given the shots in the 70s. So they knew here in the USA from the start of the program in 1971.

        This is the biggest reason I don’t listen to all those PhDs because if they are so up on the shots, they know and they’re not telling.

        Someone said something about having compassion for Yeadon last night—that I was being too hard on him. He must know the deaths and destruction he has caused. I believe he has been put in play to stop people from doing anything on their own in the hopes he will be a savior. And note he is working with that German lawyer who is also working with you-know-who.

        We are being played bigtime. I told her someone should have told Ted Bundy [a serial killer] all he had to do was apologize and maybe they wouldn’t have electrocuted him.

        Psychopaths feed off of pain and suffering. Anyone who offers a psychopath compassion deserves what’s coming.

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