Live update from Lawyer Sue Grey about the Court challenge (FURTHER UPDATES INCLUDED)


18/05/21 Court Decision in today, hear Sue Grey describe the situation (basically the Court’s acknowledged the concerns which need looking at … more info to come I believe):

And … ‘we’ll just tweak the law’:

Covid 19 coronavirus: Govt makes urgent law change after High Court ruling on legality of vaccine rollout

Short live update from Sue this morning (a decision expected within a week, possibly this week… have a listen though as Sue updates on Court & how it went yesterday).

NZ Herald 12/5/21
Covid 19 coronavirus: High Court hears arguments questioning legality of vaccine rollout

12/5/21 PM… Update from Voices for Freedom:

“COURT UPDATE 👩‍⚖️The reports are in that Sue has done an incredible job this morning to represent the interests of New Zealanders standing up to unlawful government behaviour! 👊Word is that the judge has been listening. 👂She was unaware of the VAERS system and is asking some good questions. She is entertaining the idea that the rollout has been unlawful. Crown law have been arguing that the “limited” wording was used due to the initial rollout to the border workers. It appears that this is their way of justifying the use of the specific section of the Medicines Act. Sue has argued back that if this was the case, and the border workers theoretically work in a scenario with higher risk, then how can this be lawfully extended to the broader public? 🤔We have just caught snippets during the lunch break and will bring you another update with more information later in the day! 🙌🤸🏾‍♀️🤸🏽‍♂️Join the movement!”

Listen at the link:

Hear from Sue at the Nelson Airport updating us on progress before she leaves for Wellington. If you are able to attend, even if you cannot get in, please do go & support her on behalf of all NZers.

Thank you to Sue for all she is doing to challenge this important point our government is overlooking about the CV injection … approval for a limited number only to take an experimental injection – not most of NZ.

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  1. This even made the Mainstream News today: Heard on MagicTalk ZB (closest thing we have to an MSM ally.
    Best of Luck Sue, kick their arses!

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