The Psychologist

'This Side of Life'

This is a little story about my adventures in a psychologist’s office in 2018 and my assertion to that psychologist that we were facing world-shattering events—and soon.

Am I psychic? Hell—no… I am a polymath, a genius, and a non-linear thinker. I think abstractly and visually. Pieces to that puzzle were strewn around everywhere and patterns as to what was happening [and going to happen] abounded. I was bombarded by them every day.

Where I lived, I told people for over a year [before it happened] the economy would crash and crash hard. I knew it would—I just didn’t know how. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t until about 6 weeks before it happened I realized it was probably being orchestrated—fear gripped my throat at such audacity. I had no idea how it would be done: I had no idea they would use a non-existent viral concoction to do…

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