33-62% of 236,379 COVID-19 Survivors Develop A Neurological or Psychiatric Condition in 6 Months | Lancet

Note: listen to the interview with the three US health workers & hear what they have to say about neurological. EWR

OXFORD, United Kingdom — For many COVID-19 patients, surviving the virus is just the beginning of their recovery. For some, “long haul” symptoms can leave survivors without the sense of taste or smell for weeks and even months. Now, researchers say another disturbing pattern is emerging among those recovering from COVID. A new study reveals one in three people will develop a neurological or psychiatric condition up to six months after their infection.

The study of more than 235,000 coronavirus patients finds 34 percent of the survivors receive a diagnosis for mental health issues or even more serious neurological disorders later on. The most common issues include anxiety (17%) and mood disorders (14%). Study authors also encountered more life-threatening conditions such as stroke and dementia onset in rare cases. Specifically, seven percent of COVID patients entering intensive care went on to suffer a stroke. Nearly two percent were later diagnosed with dementia.



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3 thoughts on “33-62% of 236,379 COVID-19 Survivors Develop A Neurological or Psychiatric Condition in 6 Months | Lancet”

  1. Sounds like the came under the microscope (either they themselves did it or the answered questions foolishly). I am virtually certain that ” anxiety (17%) and mood disorders (14%)” are AT LEAST that dispersed among the population pre-C V as now. All of these general issues are nothing new and attributing them to C V is more fear porn.

    As to the “rare cases”. I wonder which is rarer, those issues in some one who happened to have C V (dementia and stroke seems to be common these days before C V) or similar bad events happening to people after the jab?

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  2. These assertions are ridiculous. There are too many variables. 5G—lockdown worries—imprisoned with family members with no respite in the offing—dangerous public officials…

    Ionizing radiation [5G] alone screws with many of the senses.

    None of these assertions fit anything except the delusions those in power want to impose.

    The Lancet has been disreputable for a very long time. I wouldn’t listen to a thing they say regardless.

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