We should have the right to refuse blood transfusions from vaccinated for COVID-19 but can we? Part 1


Blood donations are important and save lives, but the mass use of COVID-19 vaccines all of which are in the early clinical research stage raises questions. 

Is it safe to receive a vaccine from a person who received the experimental medical treatment? 

Can we request blood from non-vaccinated people as a safety precaution?

I decided to check what the blood donation websites of several countries say about it. What I found isn’t something you may want to hear.

You can get blood by vaccinated by COVID-19 and you have no choice! 

Vaccinated for COVID-19 may or may not need to wait to donate blood. Deferral period is from none to several days and up to 2 months after vaccination. Sometimes the waiting period depends on the type of the COVID-19 vaccine, sometimes doesn’t.  Information if vaccination status is kept in the blood files and if you could choose unvaccinated…

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5 thoughts on “We should have the right to refuse blood transfusions from vaccinated for COVID-19 but can we? Part 1”

  1. Were you the one I spoke to about this? I was looking in my records and I have it somewhere. I just can’t find it at the moment.

    I’m not sure if you remember the story about the blood supply and HIV, but hemophiliacs were all catching AIDS from the factor derived from blood that helps blood clot.

    And the band played on

    This was a favorite movie of mine at the time. I believe the researcher actually tracked down the first AIDS-infected as belonging to a Hepatitis B study. Ooops. There are also rumors [not depicted in this movie] that recipients of that vaccine were infected with AIDS. [Judy Mikovits]

    If you watch the movie you will see Blood Bank higher-ups arguing the cost to screen blood as being not cost-effective. Screening donors or the blood supply was deemed to be cost-prohibitive.

    They were finally getting sued too much, so cost-effective it was…

    Hell—I’m even afraid to take my clothes to the laundry-mat never mind blood transfusions—but I expressed concern about blood transfusions a while ago.

    The main problem is YOU CAN’T KILL PRIONS!!! I read something a few years or more back that prions had been put in a discarded pile of radioactive material for a few months; and when they were retrieved, they were still alive.

    If these shots do anything to create prions, the word is they can infect other people. With all the damned lying going on today, don’t ever expect them to screen any blood for this thing they so badly want to infect everybody with.

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    1. Don’t think it was me. I had heard of the infections caused by Hep B Vax (causing CFS) have not seen the movie. Scary stuff bout the prions. Def not safe to have the transfusion that’s for sure. If little babies have died drinking their vxd mothers’ milk … that about says it all.

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      1. Just crossed my mind that if the baby was 5-months, and the mother vaxxed, the baby’s immune system was probably so compromised by all the shots s/he already had, death was probable. Just about everything passes through mother’s milk.

        These bastards know they are killing people and we are going belly-up. [arrrrrghhhhh]

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