Thousands of people injured by 5G cell towers installed on their homes, are presenting their case to the FCC

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    In 2019, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) expanded theover-the-air reception device (OTARD) ruleto allow fixed wireless providers to deploy hub-and-relay antennas more quickly and efficiently, expanding 5G networks. For 5G to work, thousands of new, small cell antennae must be installed, in greater numbers and closer to customers. The OTARD expansion allowed just that, and the influx of radiation is causing public health issues.

    As Big Tech and the data collection industries profit from the network expansion, people are being poisoned by an influx of non-ionizing radio-frequency radiation. This influx of small cell antennae enable the transmission of millimeter waves from a multitude of new sources that will be concentrated nearby one another in order to work. As common public areas, schools and homes are outfitted with the equipment, there are unseen health consequences that occur silently over time. These may includeoxidation of cells and DNA damage…

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