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Revelations About Israel and the United States

Traveling freely from one place to another has been an American right since our nation’s birth. After all, we are a country whose ancestors were brave wanderers, settlers and pioneers. But what happens when that right we hold so dear is taken away? We learned the answer to that question in 2020 when the Covid-19 pandemic took the world by storm. The air travel industry went from bustling and thriving to almost non-existent. Planes literally sat on the tarmac for months on end. People found themselves unable to travel to another country, and even from one state to another. Lockdowns hindered movement within almost every town and city, closing businesses and restricting interactions among people.

A view from inside the International Airport when travel was at a stand still. I walked through the airport and saw only a few people.

This is a view of the empty parking lot at…

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