Treatments for COVID-19 you may never heard of


While earning money is the only reason to push untested and even dangerous vaccines there are plenty of cheap treatments which could help you when you have the 5th corona common cold or better known as COVID-19.

1.Your own immunity

While often underestimated and recently practically deleted by the World Health Organization your own natural immunity works pretty well against COVID-19. It’s even better because it remembers how to defeat similar viruses and use the knowledge to protect you from COVID-19. It is called cross-immunity and I have an earlier article explaining it and providing proof that indeed such exists against COVID-19. Click here to read it.

2. Analgin-quinine

It is a combination of metamizole sodium and quinine. Metamizole sodium blocks prostaglandin synthesis due to inhibition of cyclooxygenase (COX) isoenzymes.  Quinine is known for its antimalarial effect and is already included in clinical tests for COVID-19. As we know…

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