Stories From The Children Harmed By the Covid Vaccine Trials

The Fascist New World Order

I’m finding it hard to find stories on Google about the deaths and injuries specifically caused by the small amount of sample data from the trials of covid vaccines on groups of children with parents who I can only describe as brainwashed morons. Found at least some.

However that’s only because it hasn’t had a chance to come out yet, because they haven’t started vaccinating all the children, or a majority of them, in the world yet.

That means they can still save them from this insanity. What I have been seeing is older children and young people dying from blood clots, getting paralyzed, frothing at the mouth and dying, getting immune disorders, bell’s palsy, transverse myelitis, etc.

Initial reports were in the thousands dead, hundreds of thousands injured, I’m assuming by now it’s more like tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands dead, and…

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