The growing list of deaths following the COVID-19 experimental injection that apparently were not related to the jab – do you really believe that?

If you think this is not an experiment & you, unwitting public, the guinea pigs, listen to this nurse speaking out on topic.

Regularly we are reading as per some of these posts below: “…too early to conclude whether the vaccine was related to his death”; “…according to the government … the death wasn’t caused by the inoculation”; ” The European Medicines Agency has said there is no indication that the events were caused by the vaccination”;

And here below is a list of reports, so plentiful now it is overwhelming to even think about them. Be warned. Be aware. Ask to see the info, side effects, risks and so on, the results of the very brief trials:

Italy opens manslaughter case after teacher dies hours after getting AstraZeneca vaccine

Philippine Health Worker Who Had One Vaccine Dose Died 9 Days Later – Deemed a ‘COVID Death’

Hong Kong probes death of man two days after he received COVID-19 vaccine

Dane Who Died From Blood Clot After AstraZeneca Shot Had `Unusual Symptoms’, Agency Says