27-Year-Old Resident Doctor Dies Months After Receiving COVID Vaccine

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Healthy young man suddenly passes away


A 27-year-old man who was administering COVID vaccines in Chicago suddenly died just months after he took his second dose of the Pfizer shot.

Joshimar Henry, a resident doctor working with thePGY1 program(pharmacy) at Humboldt Park Health in Chicago, Illinois, was “honored to be a part of administering the 2nd dose of the Pfizer vaccine to the first 5 recipients in Chicago.”

“While I understand the hesitancy of many regarding receiving the vaccine, I’d like to encourage all those who qualify to be vaccinated. Initially I was also hesitant but was reassured with some research and clarifying my doubt through reading,” Henry wrote in a January Facebook post.

He continued, “Many of my colleagues likewise have received the vaccine and have not experienced any severe side effects. I have received the vaccine myself and only experienced shoulder soreness thus far…

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