OUT – IMMEDIATELY! Pastor shuts down illegal attempt to end church service

I believe that this is the US. Much bluff is going on as I hear from people in other places. I get interesting feed back even from NZ on the bluffing that happened during our major lockdown in 2020, where ‘Nazis’ (officials from various health/local/authorities etc) show up at said venue ordering them to shut down. (In the instances I’ve heard… shops basically). When bluff was called they did not return. That looks like outright bullying and intimidating folks into believing they had to. This is illustrated clearly in this video. The bullies stand around a bit trying to get a word in, but clearly have no legal mandate (or they would stay & arrest or enforce their ‘laws’), instead they all retreat & clear off. Remember the suicides we had in NZ? A butcher in Auckland took his life, his business ruined. Very sad. Does Jacinda Adern care about those? I don’t believe so. EWR

Watch a video of this event at the link below:



‘Get out! Get out!’: Crowd at Vancouver restaurant chants at health official (VIDEO)

Photo: screen shot

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  1. Oh, do I love this, the disappear on by one with their tails between their legs like little dogs, they don’t stand very tall now do they. And as for missy ardern, you know my take on that one by now. She couldn’t care less if you lived or died. That’s why we are still at level one, if she lifted that, they can’t peddle their dodgie vaccines, because it’s for emergency use only! No emergency No vaccine!!!

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