NZ Govt to accept liability for vaccines in Pacific – a misleading headline?

Upon reading this headline my first thought was that the government is accepting liability for damages regarding vaccines. Then of course, we know they have granted indemnity to the vaccine corporations for any adverse events. So why would they be accepting liability? Upon reading the article it becomes clear that they are accepting the responsibility (would be the better word) for the roll out of the covid vaccine in the Pacific. The military will apparently be required for such a large operation. Personally I am averse to the use of military in this respect and it reminds me of recent and disturbing news that elderly care home residents in Germany were force vaccinated with soldiers in uniform standing by (legal investigations pending). The presence of military in uniform can be very intimidating, even if the intent is benign.

Draw your own conclusions. This is from

Delivering and administering the Pfizer vaccine to remote atolls could require a full-scale Air Force operation, prompting a search for lower-risk solutions

New Zealand is expected to take on legal and financial liability for the potentially fraught roll-out of Covid-19 vaccines in Cook Islands and any other Pacific nations it assists.

2 thoughts on “NZ Govt to accept liability for vaccines in Pacific – a misleading headline?”

  1. no I think you got it right the first time, NZ is taking on the liability for vaccine injury, the way i read it. So no liability for Big Pharma….also when “Asked whether the discussions were about liability for the failure of the drug, or the cost of it, or the shipment to the islands, or any side-effects, Pfizer spokesperson Helen Han declined to comment.” so actually we don’t know – but the Pfizer spokesperson probably does….

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    1. Thanks Tracy. Liability for injury is interesting isn’t it? Given they flatly refuse to concede the injection even COULD cause any damage whatsoever (the ‘it’s safe & effective’ mantra) I suppose when they offer any liability they just slither out of that quite easily. I wouldn’t be holding my breath on getting anything out of ACC.


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