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Peru: young doctor dead three weeks after Sinopharm COVID-19 “vaccine”

Texas Doctor Exposes Dangers of COVID-19 Vaccine (bitchute.com) 

(NZ) Fears euthanasia training will just be online course

Is Bill Gates Internationally Immune From Prosecution? (bitchute.com)

Report: Sports Cheat Philosophy Professor Lives With A Pedophile – Gender Heretics.org

Canal Road tree protesters in court facing trespassing charges | New Zealand Geographic (nzgeo.com)

Image by Roy Buri from Pixabay

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    1. Just one thought he will lose credibility with his flat earth note at the bottom 😦 Even if you did go with that theory right now’s not a good time to be promoting it.

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  1. I thought of that, too. But no–he lays out what I know to be true about viruses. He has the best presentation I have seen to date. He is RIGHT ON on that one.

    When I was a kid, it was the reason I told myself not to study viruses. Viruses don’t have nuclei and were then considered to be dead.

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    1. True he may not have put that there. I get what you are saying. Good one removing it 🙂 And yes he does make sense for sure. And clearly as wisely stated he is qualified to speak. Just watched Andrew Kaufman on Max Igan’s channel on topic also. All adds up.


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