Persuading you to vaccinate: millions of dollars spent globally on psychological research to ‘encourage’ maximum vaccine uptake

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How do you convince the “Vaccine Hesitant” and the downright “stuff your vaccine” brigade, to cross the line and change camps?
Globally, millions of dollars are being poured into psychological research to work out exactly the Government messaging to “encourage” maximum vaccine uptake. Our Government is no different….listen and watch out and you’ll hear and see each and every one of these messages here in NZ.
A recent US study of 20,000 people found the following four key messages were the way to move people into the pro Covid vaccination camp.
1. Helping Loved Ones …tapped into people’s desire to protect and support their friends and family. It made clear that vaccinating yourself can help your loved ones while being careful not to overstate the vaccine’s power to reduce or eliminate transmission.
2. Approved by Healthcare Workers…used the credibility and authority of healthcare workers as trusted messengers. The message emphasized how most people have demonstrated confidence in the vaccine by taking it themselves.
3. Getting Lives Back…drew on the powerful motivation to return to the activities and people they are missing, without promising that life will ever fully go back to “normal.”
4. Tested by Thousands….built trust in the vaccine development process, without getting bogged down in overly technical details or medical jargon. The message incorporated aspects of ‘social proof’ by indicating that millions of people have already taken the vaccine safely.

All four messages increased vaccine confidence and willingness to vaccinate by 3-4 percentage points, a relative increase of approximately 6%. If those increases translated to action, it would mean over 10 million more residents getting vaccinated in the US. Even more encouraging was the fact that the messages were effective for groups most affected by COVID-19. THE HELPING LOVED ONES MESSAGE INCREASED WILLINGNESS TO VACCINATE ACROSS ALL HESITANT GROUPS.

Never mind that this particular message is currently built on a hope and a dream….and a complete dearth of data proving this hopeful concept.…/four-messages-that-can…/…

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  1. I ‘love’ the psychological persuasion that they try to put onto people in order to sell their devious wares and promote their money making racket’s. When do people wake up and ask themselves the simple question, what the hell does the government know about my health and well-being? The answer is simple you all, absolutely NOTHING, and on top of that they don’t give a rats ass if you live or if you die! Where is the information that explains the consequences of taking this vaccine when you are on medication? Any Takers? No I didn’t think so! And if you have that information, please be so kind as to share this with us. Specifically the government ‘experts’ and ‘know it all’s’!

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