Other headlines this week

Miscellaneous sources re the Adverse Reactions:

FRIGHTENING! – 7th update on Adverse Reactions to Covid Vaccines released by UK Government

A collection of menstrual side effects noted

British government now reports 524 deaths following COVID vaccination

Dr Mercola

Pressure Mounts to Ban My New Book From Amazon

Drugmakers Promise Investors a Hike in COVID Vaccine Prices Soon

Increasing Levels of Glyphosate Being Found in Manatees

via Kim Hampson

The Coronavirus Strain Is Patented by the – www.HNewsWire.com

Texas Doctor Exposes Dangers of COVID-19 Vaccine (bitchute.com) 

Biological Male Crowned Miss Silver State USA – News Punch

Gender Heretics.org – Resisting the New Orthodoxy

Report: Sports Cheat Philosophy Professor Lives With A Pedophile – Gender Heretics.org

Canal Road tree protesters in court facing trespassing charges | New Zealand Geographic (nzgeo.com)

Image by Michael Bußmann from Pixabay

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      1. yes, and it ties into the idea they want to cull the populatoin (comes up in virus discussions).


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