Prof. Delores Cahill cancelled by University College Dublin (for speaking out against masks, among other things)

So who controls your thinking folks? Do you really think we have free speech? See what happens when you depart from the official narrative?

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  1. What I find confusing is when the so-called professionals do not bring in the historical perspective as to how these battles have been fought before.

    People fought the mask and shots during the Not-so-Spanish flu and at other times in history. Studies and railings by doctors and PhDs happened then, too.

    The Not-So-Spanish Spanish Flu (and its comparison to today)

    Most recently [at least here in the USA] people chose to ignore the H1N1 scare in 2009. We did not comply

    If at First, You Don’t Succeed, Try, Try, Try Again

    Our worst disease this go-round is our complacency and it appears many will die because of it.

    Brave souls like Dr. Eleanor McBean [and others] sought to inform us a century ago as to how we were being groomed.

    The Deletion of Eleanora I. McBean, Ph.D., N.D

    The fight against shots and the pharmaceutical industry runs back over a century and today’s mouthpieces are facilitating its repeat by not mentioning it.

    Those vaccinated against Smallpox back in Jenner days most often died later of cross-contamination of syphilis and tuberculosis—including Jenner’s guinea-pig son.

    It is a huge mistake to ignore [and/or hide] the work that has already been done

    This is most definitely not a new big deal and people are not being made aware.

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    1. True Joyce. I must admit whenever I’ve posted anything on that history … ie the fight against the jab … as not being new it goes right over people’s heads somehow. As do other topics I was sure would interest folk but didn’t. Thanks for the links.

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  2. There is a peculiar resistance one feels when it comes to anything that goes against their group-think. I know because I experienced it myself. I had been fully conditioned to think nasty thoughts and I did.

    My one advantage is/was journalism. I had written an editorial column and in listening to interviewees, one MUST release all one’s preconceptions on a given topic to do the job right.

    It took months to “deprogram” myself and I had no help. I suppose another advantage I have is that degree in psychology and a lifetime of studying human behavior/psychology. I became my own ‘patient.’

    I openly discuss what has happened to me and mine because we are representatives of a huge bunch. People must know the human cost of what they are supporting and know it before many of us die from efforts in which they are complicit.

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    1. Yep I have heard that one. Just found this link, if you go to the comirnaty list then expand on each item each scrolls for miles. Particularly the psychological section. On the WHO site, over 2000 deaths reported – type ‘Comirnaty ‘ into their search engine to get covax data

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  3. I’m sure there is a hell of a lot more than what they are saying. We have another saying that I learned when being a dog person,

    “if you see one flea you can bet 25 more are hiding from you.”

    I’m sure there are 10s of thousands of deaths by now–and I hear Astra just redid their data–haven’t looked at the article yet, but I bet they ‘refudged’ the data and are publishing it.

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