Toxic Shots Laced with Viral Material…—or The Rise of the Snake Oil Peddler

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The pharmaceutical industry is one of the best investments out there these days. Why? Everybody is sick. Why is everybody sick? We can look to the pharmaceutical industry for those answers.


Is the U.S. health care system broken?

Doctors Jon LaPook, Holly Phillips, and David Argus discuss the major medical stories of the week including critical issues facing the U.S. health care system on “CBS This Morning: Saturday.”

As I listened to this video, the effort to “improve” patient health is discussed. MDs are paid more to prescribe more and order more tests. But are these efforts paying off for the patients? Or just the MDs?


For those of you who do not read me regularly I’ll give you some of my background.


I declined a free pass to medical school in 1976. It had been my childhood dream to become a genetic researcher. But in 1976…

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