COVID Nasal Swab Test Causes Brain Injury Leading to Surgery in Texas Woman

AGR Daily News

Welcome to the world of “medical care” in the new age of COVID, where mandated medical procedures, even something like a diagnostic test, has potential to harm you and lead to further medical treatment.

Study: Woman Suffers Brain Injury from COVID Cotton Swab Test

This is how the system works, by creating lifelong patients that need continuous medical interventions.

It is the most lucrative business in the world, and it depends on continuous repeat business. Cures are not the goal, as that is not a sustainable business model.

What else are they doing with these unnecessary cotton swab tests, and will the new anal tests being required in China now make their way to the U.S.? If so, the expression “pain in the ass” is going to take on a whole new meaning.

There is of course an alternative. People could stop their religious belief in modern medicine and…

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