Orwell in Disguise: US Congress Passes the So-Called “For the People Act”

Counter Information

By Stephen Lendman

Global Research, March 04, 2021

Congressional legislation most always serves special interests, not all Americans equitably.

Deceptive Orwellian language disguises intent.

It’s common practice for much congressional legislation.

On Wednesday, majority House Dems passed so-called HR 1 — For the People Act of 2021.

There’s nothing remotely democratic about their hostile to peace, equity, justice, and the rule of law agenda.

They stole Election 2020 and likely have more of the same in mind ahead.

HR 1 passed almost entirely along party lines.

Majority Dem House members adopted the measure in 2019.

It died in the GOP controlled Senate, perhaps facing a repeat defeat ahead.

Pelosi’s dark hands are pushing the measure opposed by the ACLU. See below.

Any measure 791 pages in length contains provisions to oppose, not support.

Few if any congressional members read the measure and other overly lengthy ones they vote up or…

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2 thoughts on “Orwell in Disguise: US Congress Passes the So-Called “For the People Act””

  1. Nothing is what it seems and nothing means what it says.

    I learned this a while ago. If it has anything that sounds sweet on people, they probably just intend to roast them with a sugar glaze.

    Take The Heroes Act for instance. Lots of corporate giveaways in that one–and funds for track and trace–big bucks.

    Phillip K. Dicks said:

    “The basic tool for manipulation of reality is the manipulation of words. If you can control the meaning of words, you can control the people who use them.”

    As a wordsmith, I am keenly aware of wording. My gig is truth. They are keenly aware of wording, too, and it ain’t for telling truth–it has illusionary intentions

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