Why are governments padding the COVID stats?


Stories like the one involving the death of Bel Mooney’s dad in England remind us once again that COVID 19 is no longer a virus pandemic, but a political one.

Ted, 99, died Jan 5, 2021, after a battle with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD). And even though he had been tested three times for COVID and each time it came back negative, Britain’s National Health Services (NHS) listed the cause of death as COVID.

In an article for the Daily Mail, Bel Mooney explains:

You long for the person you love to have peace, yet the finality of death makes you cry. But here on my desk, his official death certificate ignites that sorrow into anger.

This is not because Ted Mooney contracted coronavirus in the very good (and expensive, it must be said) care home three miles from our house, as statistics will now state.

Because he…

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4 thoughts on “Why are governments padding the COVID stats?”

  1. International financial interests and the global scientific establishment have never wanted the true source of the COVID-19 virus to be revealed, despite the fact that its laboratory origin was suspected early after the onset of the pandemic.
    There is now evidence that elements within the U.S. government coordinated with selected members of the U.S. scientific community, no doubt with the blessing of international business and the media, to protect China from responsibility and, in doing so, protected their own interests.

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