Vaccinated at 11am, dead by 1:54pm: CDC documentation

It is a curious state of being we have arrived at as a nation you may agree? Abroad, as the vaccine is rolled out we have seen literally thousands of adverse reactions reported, over a thousand of those are deaths (and remember only 1% are reported in total), and STILL, the NZ ‘vaccine expert’ Helen Pertousis-Harris tells us there is no demonstration of a causative link. This may be correct technically. Of course I have not noted any sounding of the alarm that the rollout should stop until they have investigated those events, done postmortems etc, to figure out what caused all of the deaths. Instead the rollout continues unabated.

Pause and think for a little. Is there not something very wrong with this picture?

If you are still on the fence and deciding yes or no … at least read this information and educate yourself from the documented info available before proceeding. EWR

So here below we have a CDC download describing many of the reactions, many serious and life threatening, and many deaths. The one cited is from page 2 in the document. See FAQs at the link to learn about the source and to read of many more incidents. (Note DNR is do not resuscitate):

“The resident received is vaccine around 11:00 am and tolerated it without any difficulty or immediate adverse effects. He was at therapy from 12:36 pm until 1:22pm when he stated he was too tired and could not do any more. The therapist took him back to his room at that time and he got into bed himself but stated his legs felt heavy. At 1:50 pm the CNA answered his call light and found he had taken himself to the bathroom.She stated that when he went to get back into the bed it was “”abnormal”” how he was getting into it so she assisted him. At that time he quit breathing and she called a RN into the room immediately. He was found without a pulse, respirations, or blood pressure at 1:54pm. He was a DNR.”

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  1. And so what didn’t have to begin does… I was reading this article:

    From all I have seen these human genetic modifications will go on from now on. This is sheer experimentation and violates the Nuremberg Code massively.

    I was talking to someone who came to where I was and she told me she had the first shot. I panicked. I had written an article on vaccine-strain pertussis a while ago and it seemed anyone who had a shot containing the aP strain was made susceptible to whatever they put in that shot.

    I told her to touch nothing and leave and as she walked out the door, told her never to come back.

    Welcome to the new normal of those who know and those who refuse to know.

    Nothing has ever been what it seemed…

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        1. Yes scary Joyce, if it were one sole death only it would be cause enough for caution, but here we have over a thousand with only 1% or less reporting, and they still have the gall to say no proven causality without bothering to rule out by investigation… but then we know why don’t we.


    1. It is not experimentation. It is a purposeful program to get rid of us According to Dr Carrie Madej, DARPA, a Pentagon Agency, have been funding gene extinction technology. They propose to use this to exterminate a species from the planet, through mutagenesis. They do it through transfection. This is the same technology used in the “covid” vaccine. (See the research of Dr Carrie Madej)

      News from Israel

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      1. She got the DARPA right. From my research, the intention is to eliminate certain mtDNA lines. That would certainly eliminate many family lines and yes–it is done with CRISPR technology.

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  2. Yes this list surely instills a great deal of confidence in Me to NOT bother with any vaccine of any kind. Thanks NZ government for the misinformation! It is highly appreciated. Hopefully you will stick your vaccine up your proverbial. Honesty by government decree has surely gone out the window!

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