More signs Adern Government eroding NZ nuclear Free Legacy


 Just asked why Hercules flew from Sydney flew over Masterton and Carterton and then flew back to Australia after landing today (foreign military personnel have an exemption from quarantine).

Three reasons spring to mind;

One: its related to Helicopters also spotted over Whanganui today making eradicate low altitude flight paths mounted with Cameras which is part of the Geospatial mapping that is rolling out in coordination with 5G Internet of Things. Whanganui is where 100 soldiers from the New Zealand Army carried out urban warfare and counter insurgency exercise Operation Black Diamond in 2018 as part of upgraded NZ military training.

Two: its related to current testing of communication and targeting system testing that is currently taking place in relation to the roll out of Elon Musk Space Link (the current satellites are under contract to the US Department of Defence)) involving an expanded tracking facility in…

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2 thoughts on “More signs Adern Government eroding NZ nuclear Free Legacy”

  1. You will never know. They got jobs that go from Aerial spraying to Geo-spatial mapping including the WDC jobs they do. I have been working across the River from Whanganui Airport for the last year and seen them come and go at regular intervals wondering what they are doing. It could be very innocent (Believe it or Not).

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