Male Sperm Count Cut In Half Over Four Decades, Will Reproduction Stop Entirely?

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Liberals celebrate decrease in fertility because of “overpopulation” lies

Source:Kelen McBreen

A study in human fertility has many wondering if mankind is heading towards a future where childbirth is a rare or even impossible occurrence.

A scenario pictured in the sci-fi film “Children of Men,” the possibility of this nightmare coming true is increasing.

In the dystopian future movie, a child is finally born and must be saved following 18 years of total human infertility and a global depression.

Data compiled by environmental and reproductive epidemiologist Shanna Swan, Ph.D. of the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai in New York, found the fertility of Western men is rapidly declining.

Taking information from 185 studies involving 42,935 men who provided semen samples from 1973–2011, the study found sperm counts in the West dropped 50% in four decades.

Keep in mind, the most recent data comes from 2011 and…

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