78-Year-Old Woman Dies After Receiving COVID-19 Vaccine; ‘not believed to be related to the vaccine’!

The narrative if you like is now complete. The medics were / are already able to escape liability for damages to you, and have been since 1986. Now they are also enjoying the ‘professional’ judgment that death even as early as 25 minutes after a shot is still not attributable to it. Meanwhile in NZ the rollout begins while the ‘authorities’ claim only minor side effects are likely & nary a mention of death (or most of the other 31 side effects) as listed by the US FDA. On that note, read this excellent illustration of calling black white and white black … This is an Orange by Joyce Bowen.

“A 78-year-old woman died after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine at Cal Poly Pomona, but her death is not believed to be related to the vaccine, health officials said Saturday. The woman died Friday, according to Kaiser Permanente, which operates the vaccination site at the Pomona campus.

(The patient) received an injection of the COVID-19 vaccine manufactured by Pfizer around noon. While seated in the observation area after the injection, the patient complained of feeling discomfort and while being evaluated by medical personnel, she lost consciousness,” said Dr. Michael Morris, physician director of Kaiser Permanente Southern California’s COVID-19 Vaccination Program.


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        1. It goes way back. As an infant in the ’60’s, I got three of those on the list – Polio, BCG and one of the Tds. Second year in secondary school (’82), I got a second BCG. Interestingly, four to five years ago, I read about a doctor specialized in this kind of diseases, who made a comment about BCG and claimed that one is enough. Some months after the second, I got my first asthma attack. I don’t think that’s a coincident anymore …

          1985, I got my fithft Td

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        2. Horrifying, yes. In ’85 I was twenty and the recommendation for Td shots [today] is one every ten years. Seems to be many in short period of time. Anyway, I’m not worried, as I heal quickly and have never had any problems with wounds. Have had all of the carpal and ulnar surgeries (2+2). The stiches was supposed to be removed after two weeks, but discovered after the first that it healed so fast that they had to cut them out. The rest had to removed after just one week, but it was almost too long that too … Broke both little toes ~twenty years ago, at separate times. Both healed within two to three weeks (only taped, as cast was not needed and it was summer, so …)


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