NHS hospitals spend £2m on gagging orders preventing staff speaking out

Hospitals have spent £2 million on more than 50 gagging orders preventing staff speaking out, a Freedom of Information Act request has revealed.

Tory MP Steve Barclay, who obtained the figures, accused NHS chief Sir David Nicholson of either failing to ask questions about the orders or being “complicit in a cover-up”.

Sir David will retire as NHS England’s chief executive next year but Mr Barclay said he should stand down now because the culture in the health service had to change.

It was reported last night that at least 52 staff have been silenced using the orders since 2008, some of which cost as much as £500,000. All are thought to contain confidentiality clauses.

Mr Barclay is a member of the influential Commons spending watchdog the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), which Sir David is due to appear in front of today.

In March, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt banned the use of gagging clauses in compromise agreements after it emerged that NHS hospital trusts had spent £15 million on silencing almost 600 staff.



Image by Ed Zilch from Pixabay

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  1. It sure is interesting that they spending all his money to shut people up, surely there is something to hide. Sometimes, in a spare moment, I wonder how they are getting on in good old New Zealand, it’s been awfully quiet lately. We of course just had the “good”?, news, that medsafe has approved all those very ‘good’ vaccines, and we should be forever in their debt for making those decisions for us, or should that be death?. I wonder what their testing regime (Criteria?) is. Can’t be all that shithot if I read all the overseas result of dying people and long-term impaired. I wonder what the longterm cost of that is going to be on a by country basis, the mind boggles. Enough of my rant.

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        1. Very disturbing … warn your loved ones now before the window of opportunity is closed. Soon the deaths will blur into ‘died from covid’. Can see it coming. They are denying any connection. For future reference Pete, search for ‘Covid Vaccine Deaths’ in ‘categories’ at left of page.

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