Facebook set to censor out independent info on vaccines

Please wake up people to the truth about what is going down. This crack down will apply from next Monday we’re told.
When I last looked CDC’s stats told us more than 500 people had died from the experimental vaccine that was authorized for emergency use only, see below.

In a normal world the vaccine would’ve been withdrawn at the very early deaths but no. Instead they are figuring out how to stop you even knowing about the deaths and very serious injuries. Does this sound like a health system that really cares about your health? (Search for covid deaths and injuries in categories at the left of this page to see just some of these). This is not misinformation. Before too long I will not be able to write this at all. We truthers are already being shadow banned online. NZ plans to roll this out soon. A week ago I read July, then April, now I see ‘next month’. They are hurrying it in as more and more find out the risks and are hesitating, risks which, think about it, should have been told to you in the first place. Women who were vaccinated during pregnancy have lost their babies. Worse also, we are now being told there is no correlation between the jab and the awful adverse reactions. Your window is short. Take stock & investigate for yourselves before it is too late. All the videos of injuries we see, the victims are warning you of the possible effects.

Below here are the two articles about Facebook’s intended censorship. A quote from the first one: “Under the Community Standards policy, posts with “debunked claims” that Covid-19 is “man-made or manufactured,” or that vaccines are ineffective, unsafe, dangerous or cause autism will be removed starting Monday, VP of Integrity Guy Rosen announced on the Facebook blog.”

Believe me they are already censoring heavily, including frequently the statements of certified medical practitioners. EWR



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  1. Yes, I have the distinct feeling (no idea where that came from) that missy ardern is not very concerned about your health, or mine for that matter, witch is a shame really. You would think that in her second term she would endeavor to eliminate geoengineering, remove all medical intervention that has serious adverse reactions, promote natural health remedies and reduce the compliance costs of natural products, the likes of raw milk and so on. Making sure that all the newly build houses have access to gas in order to keep the renters bills down (Gas is 3 times cheaper than Electricity, go figure). But No!, we are again getting shafted with the removal of the RMA and replace it with something that will rock your socks and your spare pocket money. governments like this always seem to creep in through the backdoor. So my advice, Watch Your Back!!! Face Them!!!
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