5 thoughts on “The true face of the plandemic – ‘providing masks & vaccines but not food & clean water’”

  1. Got reminded once again by this – if all worldwide governmental handouts ended up where it was officially supposed to be, there wouldn’t be any “helpful” NGO’s around sucking up money … The total size of the handouts are large enough to eradicate poverty completly around the world.

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      1. Don’t include pigs. 😉 They actually behave quite nicely, despite the reputation. They don’t like to eat, sleep and crap in the same place, unless they are forced to, like in some pig farms. The mud baths? That’s for keeping nasty insects away, just like any other furless animal (elephants, rhino’s, hippo’s etc.) Regarding food, they don’t bother about table manner, but why should they? They are not even picky like humans. They will eat anything served. Even humans …


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