Waihopai Spybase Weekend, 30th January 2021

Auckland Peace Action

Guest blog post by Kerry Tankard.

Out to Waihopai base on Saturday for 10.30 am start. Clear fine day after a chilly morning for the campers.

Murray Horton MC’d, with short addresses by Teanau Tuiono (new Green MP), Stefan Browning (retired Green MP), Maire Leadbetter, Liz Remmerswaal, and a few locals making brief points. Someone made a quick hop over the front fence to plant a ceremonial placard in the paddock near the gate, bemusedly observed by Marlborough’s finest Police detail, who watched the entire show from a distance, without exchanging a word with anyone on the protest. (Their behaviour varies from year to year, but as the ABC members age through retirement, they seem to have come to a ‘hands-off’ attitude to the protesters.)

The assembled group then retreated to Blenheim, where a light lunch of DIY sandwiches was enjoyed, followed by an afternoon of talks.

First up was…

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