5G: “The End of All Things”. The Health Impacts of Electromagnetic Radiation

Counter Information

By Dr. Gary Null and Richard Gale

Global Research, January 27, 2021

First published in March 2017. The 5G Rollout is taking place alongside the corona crisis

We have become thoroughly accustomed and habituated to endless advertising by drug makers to buy into the promises of pharmaceutical drugs or to consent to the nutritional value of junk food. Yet the drug and food industries are completely indifferent to their products’ dangerous adverse effects. They give no thought to what it does to our health. All that matters is the business’ bottom line. Fortunately, we have the freedom to make informed choices about most areas that impact our lives, whether it be living a healthy lifestyle or eating nutritious foods. But that is about to change completely due to the brilliant marketing campaigns to make life easier with the arrival of 5G’s Internet of Things into our homes, bedrooms, offices and…

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