Rock Haven lays off staff who decline COVID-19 vaccine

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As Rock County rolls out a COVID-19 vaccination program for workers at Rock Haven, employees at the county’s nursing home are being required to get the vaccine or face layoff.

Rock County Administrator Josh Smith said the county has drawn a hard line on vaccination at the county-run nursing home, and he said a handful of Rock Haven employees have been laid off this month after they declined to receive the new Moderna COVID-19 vaccine.

Smith and Rock Haven officials said the mandate is to protect the nursing home’s elderly residents. The county’s decision is drawing fire from some Rock Haven employees, who said they are not comfortable getting a vaccine that got emergency federal approval and has caused adverse reactions in some people out of millions vaccinated so far.

As the county rolls out the Moderna version that requires two doses, Smith said most Rock Haven workers scheduled to…

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2 thoughts on “Rock Haven lays off staff who decline COVID-19 vaccine”

  1. I remember escaping a nursing home with fear in my heart three years ago. Who protects the residents from the staff?

    I find it ironic that staff is now at someone else’s mercy–like I was back then. Sophie Duggan died and I watched helplessly.

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