Tim Jones of Summer Fruit NZ Speaks about the Damage to the Cherry Crop in Central Otago Caused by Heavy Rain & My Commentary


This recording from on the 12th of January, 2021 at 7.36am, was sourced from the Week on Demand page on the NewsTalkZB website. Host, Tim Dower spoke to Tim Jones, the Chairman of Summer Fruit NZ, about the impact the heavy rain in Central Otago has had on their crop of cherries this year.

He said conservatively 50% of the crop has been damaged, and that most growers are finding that there is some fruit to go back to. He also said a friend told him they are in partnership with God – this year “God” is not their friend.

An Act of God? In light of the frequent sightings of aerosol trails, bizarre cloud formations, including rectangular-shaped ones, like this one at the link seen in the South Island, to unusual weather events like the hail storm in summer that decimated fruit at the top of the…

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