Crimes Against Covid Vaccine Maker Pfizer Documented

'This Side of Life'

Introduction By Joyce Bowen

Some of you out there know how very sick I was three years ago.  I was incredibly close to death.  I’ve written more than a few articles describing my mortality-travels and you’re probably tired of them by now.

My desire was to become a genetic researcher. I diverted into psychology and human behavior when my 2-year-old manifested a craziness I had never seen in a child. I blamed my extraordinary intellect. I thought my braininess had injured my child.

I know people don’t like to hear that behavior-wise, nobody is unique. The only uniqueness we carry is our DNA. Our behaviors are so predictable there are books written about them. The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual [DSM] is one. Here is a video [a quite boring one] on the DSM 5.


Our governments used brainwashing techniques to discourage individual thinking. Edward Bernays made his fortune on…

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