Pfizer’s PHQ Pfallacy

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[Okay—so it should be

Pfizer’s PHQ Fallacy

I like to play with words.]

Let’s start with what PHQ means. There you have it in the image below:


It was created to determine depression levels

I’ll never forget the first time [and the last time] I ever filled one of these out. I was in a Neurologist’s office at Mt. Auburn Hospital in Cambridge Massachusetts. I had chosen this hospital because I was impressed by their Harvard-affiliated credentials.

Silly me.

I am EXCRUCIATINGLY honest in most things. This is not necessarily good. I had to learn to ‘white lie’. If you are wearing a favorite shirt and ask me if I like it, even if I despise it, ‘White’ is the game now. I will gush over how great it is.

But in the days I actually thought Medicine cared, I toed the line and honesty was…

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